The Original Reenactors Market

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Miriam and I had a lovely day visiting TORM today, the original reenactors market that takes place twice a year.  I visited it a number of times while working on Born of Hope as it’s a great place to meet fantastic artisans, get inspiration for the art department and purchase things like leather, fur, weapons etc.

We purchased some lovely deerskin leather from Anthony of the Barrhead Kid Co Ltd.  We also managed to meet up with the guys at Evenlode who make beautiful leather armour and clothing.  All being well they might be joining us on this wonderful journey.   Check out their website for examples of their work.

More auditions

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This evening we held recalls for some of the actors who have been trying out of the lead roles of Ren and Hunter.  This time we gave them only really a day (we’re so cruel) to learn two brand new scenes we’d quickly written especially for the audition.  This time we paired them up so that we could see how they worked together and if there was any chemistry between them.

These are long running characters so we need to look at who they are in season 1 but also how they might grow and evolve as we go into season 2, 3, 4 etc.

It’s so great seeing these characters brought to life.  The interesting thing is that everyone’s so great and brings something different to the character, which means that making a decision on who gets the role is not really about who’s the better actor but which interpretation of the character is the best for the show.

Not an easy choice…

The first auditions

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Today was the first full day of auditions for the roles of Ren and Hunter, the two lead characters in Ren.  In all we saw 22 actors over 8 hours.  Most of the actors had already sent in video auditions so it was nice to finally meet them face to face.  There were a few surprise ‘wild cards’ who Harriet or I had discovered and brought along without having done a self tape.  They all did a great job acting out 3 or 4 different scenes, many of which we’d written just for the auditions to try to show a range that might be covered over multiple seasons.  As well as Harriet who ran to show, we also had Adam Gary who kindly manned the door for us, Christopher Dane who read opposite the Rens as Hunter and opposite the Hunters (while on his knees) as Ren’s 10 year old brother Baynon.  We also had Jade Asha and Jessica Hawkins who read opposite our Hunters.  It’s so nice to have proper actors to read in opposite the auditionees, you can get a scene up on its feet and really see how the actors interact with each other.  From here we have to start to whittle down the list and bring some people back for recalls.

We’ve started Casting!

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There is now a casting page on the website and a notice went out on Casting Call Pro.  Harriet, our Casting Director has already recieved a large number of CVs from interested actors and we’re hoping to do our first round of auditions at the end of next week.

Exciting times as we look at bringing these characters to life!

2013 Roundup Video

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Sorry we’ve been so quiet.  Things have been happening and Ren is moving forward nicely.  2014 is gonna be an amazing year and things are really gonna pick up pace from here on in.  Hold on tight, this is gonna be fantastic ride!




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I’ve added a shop to the website.  It’s a new system that I’ve not used before so if you find some glitches I apologise.  Please let me know if you have any problems when using the shop so that I can fix them straight away.    If you’d like to order anything in larger quanities please contact me in advance.

The Boar coins have arrived

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The first shipment of the coins designed by James Ewing for Ren have arrived!  They look amazing and we are really pleased with them.

For those who didn’t order any as Add Ons during the Kickstarter campaign we will be setting up an online shop so you will be able to get some soon.



The Boar coins are being made

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Today the Ren Boar coins were ordered.  I’m so excited to see the finished bronze coins in about 6 weeks apparently :-)


Final Boar

Final Dragon

New Meetings

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It’s been over two weeks since the amazing last day of the Ren campaign and they’ve flown by!   The Kickstarter money has transferred into the bank account and things have been moving along nicely here.  We’ve had a lot of people getting in touch interested in getting involved and we’re going to be adding some new crew members to the team very soon.

There are still a large number of our last day backers who have not had their special shout out on Twitter but I will continue to send out these twitter thank yous until they are all done.

Last week Chris and I got the opportunity to meet up with one of our Kickstarter backers who had come over to the UK from the States for work. Ray Stephenson was the 10th person to back the project during our live launch broadcast!  As Chris and I were close by we managed to meet up with Ray in a lovely pub garden for a drink and a chat.



It was great to meet up with one of our backers and a shame we’re not able to do it with everyone.  However, if you’re in the UK and do want to meet us then this weekend, 7 & 8th September we’ll be at Debden House in Epping Forest for a bit of a Gathering.  The event is a Born of Hope and Hunt for Gollum reunion with friends and fans and, well anyone really.  Check out the facebook event page for more details.



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The Kickstarter has finished successfully!