Amazing Team!

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We had a fantastic weekend with our largest bunch of volunteers ever! Over 20 people came along to help with costumes and props and set. Amazing job everyone!


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Sponsor a house in Ren’s village

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We’re currently building our village location in our studio space in Caxton.  It’s a really important set for Season One as it’s where a series of events happen that will change Ren’s life forever.

Made up of rustic medieval looking houses and cottages (each one individual and unique) surrounding a central market and a Keep, each house in our village represents a unique sponsoring opportunity for our supporters.

Visit the page for more info.

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Thank you Kelsie

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Today we said farewell to Kelsie one of our costume volunteers.


The costume team is doing an amazing job and their dedication is fantastic.  Kelsie came all the way from Arizona in the United States to spend her vacation working with us for a week.  She even brought her own embroidery sewing machine with her!  Actually, it might not have survived the trip cos it stopped working on Friday :-S

So this is to say thank you to Kelsie and all of our amazing costume team!


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Featured Extra visit

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Today one of our Kickstarter featured extras (Supporting Artist) Karl Olsen and his son KC came along to the Studio to get measured up for a costume and to try a few on.

Turned out Karl and Chris had matching camo pants.  Maybe it’s a Ren thing?


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Meet Van Morrison

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No not him, this one…

morrison 2


Not only does “Morrison” work hard himself helping us collect all the materials for our set build, transport costumes around and collect freecycle items like sofas and showers, he’s also decorated with the names of all the lovely, hard-working volunteers who’ve helped us create Ren so far! And as you can see, there’s room for more…

Want to join us at Caxton?


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Ren Studios

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Here’s a quick look at our new studio space and all the work we’ve been doing over the last few weeks.


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Costume making weekend

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We just had our first official costuming and build weekend and it went really well. Miriam, our costume designer, supervised a wonderful little team of volunteers who spent a couple of days improving our existing items and putting together Ren’s dress.




Miriam also started to play with some combinations like a sort of 3D moodboard.





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