Ren Podcast 13 – Richard Zeman

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Richard Zeman

From Canada to Caxton via Prague, Richard Zeman has played agents, aliens and now the Kah’Nath Commander.

Download : Episode 13 – Richard Zeman

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Ren Podcast 12 – Richard Roberts

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Richard Roberts Steady

Richard Roberts is “The Gaffer” and Steady Cam Operator for Ren and in this podcast you’ll find out what that actually means. Also find out what he’s looking forward to seeing on screen and which character he played in Dr Who.

Download : Episode 12 – Richard Roberts

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Ren Podcast 11 – Christopher Dane

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Since our first podcast Chris has been in an episode of Dr Who, spent 17 days on a feature film he’s written himself and will soon be jetting off to Scandanavia.

Download : Episode 11 – Christopher Dane

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Ren Podcast 10 – James Malpas

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James Malpas

We find out what it’s like for one of Ren’s youngest actors to be on set and why Nerf guns should perhaps be licensed…

Download : Episode 10 – James Malpas

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The End of the Shoot is in Sight

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Sometimes it seemed we had been shooting forever and still had so much left to do, but as of yesterday we have wrapped on five of our actors, and the end is definitely looming. There is still quite a bit of exciting stuff to come – more Epping Forest antics and adventures of the four legged kind, but we’re taking this opportunity to say a very fond, though sad, farewell to Nick Cornwall, Suzanne Emerson, Alan Hay, Grace Parry and Richard Zeman. Until season two anyway…

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Photos by Paul Malpas and Michael Hudson

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First Teaser Trailer for Ren

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We’ve not even finished filming yet but here it is, the official public release of our first teaser trailer for Ren.

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A Behind the Scenes Gallery of our Stunning Cast

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We’re halfway through an adventurous shoot, and a teaser trailer is not long away. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this gallery of our talented and beautiful cast, Sophie Skelton, Duran Fulton Brown, Christopher Dane, Nick Cornwall, James Malpas, Richard Zeman, Grace Parry, Alan Hay and Suzanne Emerson, in these Behind the Scenes photos from the first two weeks of our shoot.

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