Half Way There!

We’re half way through so we’ve added some ADD ONS to the Kickstarter Campaign!

Remember you do not have to be in the UK to pledge and although the campaign is in British Pounds you can contribute in any currency.

We have created a Ren coin!

This is the first in what we hope will be a whole set currently being designed. They are going to be used in the show but we are including them here in the campaign so that you can own them too! These will be proper metal coins. I’m just confirming the details with a manufactuer but I’m hoping for 3D embossed, bronze plated and antique finish. They will be about 2mm thick and 30mm in diameter.

These are not just a great keep sake though. They are also great props for live action role players or gamers who want to use coins in their tabletop games. The dragon side is ringed by a new alphabet of ruins while the boar side says “Courage” and “Boar”

Boar Coin

Front and back of the Boar coin

All HARD COPY PACKAGE backers and above will automatically get two of the new Ren coins. For everyone else, or those who want more, you can add coins to your current package as below.

£5.00 (around $8) Two coins
£10.00 (around $15) Five coins
£15.00 (around $23) Six coins & leather draw string pouch

£5.00 Ren Soundtrack Download
£10.00 Ren Soundtrack CD
£15.00 Ren Season One Special Kickstarter Edition DVD, Signed
£25.00 Ren Season One making of photobook, Signed

£10.00 Upgrade the Ren Season One DVD to a Blu-ray

If you would like to support Ren and get these great extras just head over to the Kickstarter page.

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