While you await the continuation of Ren’s adventures in season two, we thought we’d look at some details in the first season that may have slipped by all but the most eagle-eyed of viewers.


1. Karn has plans for the bombs right from the start.

In an early scene in the very first episode, Karn and Ren discuss how the latter’s sketchbook might get her into trouble with the Kah’Nath. After all, written materials are banned by the red-uniformed ruling order.

“You should be the one to be worried with all this lying around,” Ren retorts, idly leafing through scattered papers on Karn’s table.  But did you spot that amongst the papers are designs for the bombs which Hunter – in league with Karn – will use to help free Ren in the season finale?


2. Lyanna’s mark is fake.

Being Marked is a terrible thing in Ren’s world, so she is shocked to encounter Lyanna, a fugitive with a fiery design beside her left eye. Minutes later, after a dramatic battle with a platoon of Kah’Nath soldiers, Lyanna lies dying in Hunter’s arms.

Did you notice Lyanna’s mark being wiped away as Hunter touches her face? Some viewers missed this detail, believing Lyanna to be a true Marked One whose spirit is transferred to Ren. But in actual fact Lyanna was never Marked – so why was she pretending to be? We may have to wait for a future season for the answer to that one.

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3. Ren’s pendant features mysterious symbols.

When Ren becomes Marked, she knows that she will have to keep away from her younger brother, Baynon, in case she becomes a danger to him. As a symbol of their separation and a promise that she will always come back to him, she splits her pendant into two pieces and gives one to him.

Earlier in the season, Dagron recognised the pendant as one that belonged to Ren’s mother. It has an intriguing and beautiful design, with the two halves representing the sun and the moon, or the twin gods Nirith and Nardaeth. But look closely at the symbols in the two centres: a sword and a shepherd’s crook. What could those symbols have meant to Ren’s mother?


4. The Mark reacts when the Master chokes Ren.

In episode five, as Karn and Hunter engage in battle with Kah’Nath soldiers, Ren attempts to free herself from the stocks in the village square. But the Kah’Nath Master swoops in and grabs her throat. “By the power we took from the North King, I send you back into exile,” the Master declaims as he chokes the young Nu’Mahri.

Did you notice that Ren’s Mark starts to fade away as she chokes? It seems that the spirit within her is dying too, or perhaps gathering its strength ready for an attack. Moments later, Ren frees her hand and batters the Master with an axe. Surely no mortal could hurt him; he stopped an arrow in mid-flight just minutes before. Could the spirit inside Ren have something to do with his defeat?


5. Torberry knows more than he’s saying.

“How can I ever repay you?” Ren asks Torberry in the aftermath of the season finale’s pitch battle. She has clearly known the farmer for a long time, regularly trading with him at the market, but she never expected him to defy the Kah’Nath by helping to free Baynon and knocking out the Commander.

Torberry’s response is cryptic: “By reclaiming what is yours.” Could it be that Ren has a destiny she never suspected? And what does Torberry know that he’s never told her?

Readers who have seen the deleted scenes from season one know that there is more to Torberry than meets the eye. Feel like you’re missing out? Then head on over to the shop page to order your copy of the DVD or subscribe to our VOD platform, both of which include the deleted scenes.

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Why not rewatch season one to see what else you missed?

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