With MCM Comic Con London just days away, Ren HQ is a hive of activity. We’re preparing not just for the meet-up – which you can still join here – but for a small platoon of Kah’Nath soldiers to descend on the convention as well. We want everyone there to know about Ren: The Girl with the Mark by the end of Saturday!

Showrunner Kate Madison took a road-trip to Norton Armouries in Herefordshire to once again pick up the armour that forms such an important part of our Kah’Nath soldier costumes. Tunics, trousers and boots are being dug out of storage, along with the Kah’Nath emblems that must be fixed to the breastplates. Since MCM’s rules prohibit real weapons for obvious reasons, a number of foam swords have been acquired to complete the Kah’Nath look!

Artist Jessica D’Alton Goode has illustrated a wonderful “WANTED” poster, which the soldiers will be handing out as they search high and low for the fugitive Marked One. Kate is even putting together a Kah’Nath crib sheet, so the soldiers can stay true to the world of Ren while interacting with the public.

Meanwhile, season one veteran Nic Kipar has sewn a beautiful Ren banner for the Kah’Nath to carry. Check out our Instagram feed to see pictures of that being made.

All that’s missing is you! We hope you can join us there on Saturday, but if not, don’t worry, we’ll be posting a video about it before long.

We’ll also be making a special, personalised video for S.J., the lucky winner of our prize draw. She received a free ticket to Comic Con, but because she isn’t able to come we’ll be shooting a special video just for her. S.J. is one of our generous Patreon backers, and her name was pulled from a virtual hat during Kate’s regular Monday night livestream on our Twitch channel.

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