Forum rules

To make the forum work and keep things positive and constructive, we ask you to comply to certain rules of conduct. Mostly they are simple rules of decency and respect. If someone breaks these rules, their behaviour will be discussed by the admins and moderators who, together, will decide on an action. This can be a warning, flagging for review or even a temporary or permanent ban from the forum. In addition, posts can be removed or edited by the moderators to remove the offending content. Decisions of moderators and administrators are final.


Forum rules:

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  2. No personal attacks. You may disagree with someone or their actions, but you may not insult, hurt or bully that someone at any time.
  3. No flaming or trolling. Anything that is meant to overly provoke or disrupt the normal discussions and conversations on the forum is considered flaming or trolling.
  4. No language, image or other content that is inappropriate for a general public. No cursing, swearing, excessive sexual innuendo, images containing nudity, etc.
  5. No racial, ethnic, religious, political, sexual or other slurs.
  6. No illegal content and no glorification or encouragement of illegal action, substances or items.
  7. No posting of people’s personal information without their explicit permission.
  8. No copyrighted content. This includes the republishing of internet images. Use links instead.
  9. No links to news items on sites of AEDE and CEDRO associates. Due to Spanish law this could cause serious taxation of Mythica entertainment.
  10. No commercial postings or links to commercial sites in posts or signatures. If you want to advertise on the Ren site this is possible. Contact the staff for details.

Use common sense. If something is not specifically mentioned above, but could reasonably be considered undesired or inappropriate, it will be considered as such. The moderators and staff have the last say on acceptability of any content on the forum.

Posting rules and guidelines

  1. Spoilers. To make sure everyone can enjoy the series, make sure others are warned of spoilers. Announce the presence of spoilers in the thread title so readers can avoid the spoilers in it if they want. Alternatively or preferably in addition, you can use spoiler tags to hide the spoiler part of the post (tags: [spoiler]text[/spoiler] or use the spoiler style selection in the menu). Refrain from including any spoilers in any thread titles. In the ‘Episode #’ topics references to the episode under discussion and all previous episodes are not considered spoilers, but flag any posts or threads containing events of following episodes as spoilers.
  2. New threads. Try to find an appropriate topic or thread for your post before starting a new one. This keeps discussions focused and the number of thread to read within reason.
  3. Images. We ask you to use pictures, animated gifs, etc. in moderation to keep the forum readable and keep traffic under control. Use common sense.
  4. Off-topic. Try to keep discussions not related to Ren within reason. Although discussions may drift off topic, if it gets out of hand the moderators can ask you to continue the discussion in the ‘General discussion’ section, privately and/or close the thread, as this is not intended as a general discussion forum.
  5. Reporting. The moderators and staff try to keep an eye on the forum, but they do not see everything, so if you see something you consider an infraction of the rules, please report it. Do not take action yourself as this might aggravate the situation. The fact that you do not see any action being taken does not mean there is no action being taken.

These rules are not in place to limit your rights, but to keep things fun and accessible for everyone. Enjoy the forum!

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