In our latest behind-the-scenes video, director Kate Madison discusses how the collaborative experience of making Born of Hope – her phenomenally popular Lord of the Rings fan film – shaped the production of Ren. Along the way we hear from some of the international volunteers who helped bring Ren to life.

You can see more of Dunja Zwanecki’s article for Nautilus, Abenteuer & Phantastik here.

We’ll leave you with some more photos of our international volunteers in action.

Commander&GermanVillagers_RenArticle11_29Sept_Dunja copy

Clockwise from back right: German extras Franziska Waßmann, Dr. Dunja Zwanecki, Anna Schniersmeier & Julia Schniersmeier with Richard Zeman (Kah’Nath Commander)

GerdKate&Chris_image_GerdKate&Chris copy

German volunteer Gerd Keller (centre) in front of one of the market stalls he built, with series creators Kate Madison and Christopher Dane


Dutch volunteer Hans Goosen making one of the Reather props


Dutch volunteer Kim ten Tusscher with the costume she helped to make for the Kah’Nath Commander


Swiss Kickstarter backer Charlotte Cristin and her friend Thomas Rolli help out with the clapperboard on their visit to the Ren set


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