15273169658_c2473d4789_zFor Grace Parry, Ren fulfilled a dream of appearing in a period fantasy piece. We asked her to tell us more about her role as Ren‘s loyal friend, Dalia.

How did you get into acting?

It seemed I always had the ‘bug’ for acting. I grew up near Norwich which was lucky as Norwich has a really great ARTS scene! I attended Norwich Young People’s Theatre and made sure I was in every play going at school! It was when I was doing A-level drama that I realised it was more than a hobby; that I wanted to make the move to London to train professionally and I’ve loved every moment since!

What attracted you to Ren and the role of Dalia?

I’ve always loved watching programmes like Merlin and Game Of Thrones and it had always been a dream of mine to play a ‘Maid Marian’ type role, so when I saw the casting for Ren, directed by the hugely talented and passionate Kate Madison – I thought it couldn’t be more perfect! Dalia’s a great role and I found it easy to find parts of myself in her. She’s incredibly loyal to Ren and it’s the strength of their friendship that drives her actions of trying to save Ren. (I really enjoyed that scene!)


What was it like to put on your costume and step onto the village set on your first day?

I had the privilege of seeing the set in its humble beginnings, during my initial audition, when the village was just starting to be built! Little did I know how impressive and life-like it would turn out to be! So when I stepped out in costume ready to do the first scene in the village it was so exciting! The amount of hard work everyone had put in to build the set down to the smallest detail was amazing. It made it impossible not to feel like Dalia!

What was your favourite thing about working on Ren?

My favourite thing about working on Ren has to be working with such an incredibly passionate cast and crew. There’s nothing better than working on a set where everyone is enthusiastic and wanting to work hard to make the series a success! As cheesy as it sounds it really was like one big family – we even had home cooked meals on set (made by the wonderful Michelle) – I even got involved in helping make scrambled egg on toast one evening!

Can you sum up in a sentence or two what viewers can expect from Ren when it’s released later this year?

I can sum it up in 3 words!..An EPIC Adventure!


What else are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just filmed as one of the leads ‘Katie Gilmore’ in an online web series Night School based on the international best selling books – it was great doing another online series, seems to be the way forward nowadays! I’m waiting for a short film Scarecrow directed by Alex Browning to be released this month! Weirdly enough some of the crew working on Ren were also involved on this! (They say it’s a small world!) Other than that I’ve started the year auditioning for all different sorts of projects and cannot wait to see what 2015 brings! You never know what’s going to happen – and that’s the most exciting thing!

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