Here are some cast and crew Q&As

Ren Podcast 09 – Neil Oseman

As Director of Photography, Neil Oseman is constantly battling mother nature on the set of Ren to ensure just the right amount of light reaches just the right place. We take advantage of a break in filming to interview Neil about his wish for taller houses and why he can’t stop calling for “more smoke”.

Ren Podcast 08 – Ronin Traynor

The weapons used on Ren may be props but are still dangerous. They need training and choreography to stay safe and look great. That is where Ronin Traynor steps in as fight co-ordinator alongside his specialist fight trained team.

Ren Podcast 07 – Laura Radford

Film Stills Photographer Laura spent a day at Ren studios recently and brought with her two cameras, big lenses, an eye for detail and a passion for capturing that perfect moment. It’s all about the eyes…

Ren Podcast 06 – Hans Goosen

Hans is a volunteer of many talents and has worked on the leather items, the mouldings for the armour, set painting and props. He’s also ready for the call of “Background Action!” as he heads to the set as a Supporting Artiste.

Ren Podcast 05 – Daniel Tyler-Smith

Daniel Tyler-Smith is a member of the specialist fight team on set to ensure the action sequences are professional, realistic and above all safe. We catch up with Dan after an exhausting day battling Hunter in the village.

Ren Podcast 03 – Kim ten Tusscher

Kim ten Tusscher is a bestselling fantasy author in her home country of the Netherlands. She tells interviewer Michael Hudson about why she keeps coming back to the Ren set and how she surprised herself with what she managed to achieve in the costume department.

Ren Podcast 01 – Christopher Dane

Christopher Dane is a professional actor and scriptwriter, but for Ren the Series he’s taken on even more creative roles. He tells interviewer Michael Hudson about building a medieval village in a warehouse parking lot with practically your bare hands (at least to start).