The last weekend of May saw over 100,000 genre fans descend on East London’s Excel Centre once again for MCM London Comic Con. This time, amongst the star guests, lovingly-made cosplay and stalls full of Pop figures and graphic novels, was a platoon of Kah’Nath soldiers from the world of Ren: The Girl with the Mark.

Ivan Moy took on the guise of the Commander, played in the series by Richard Zeman. Portraying soldiers were half a dozen Season One veterans: Daniel Tyler Smith, Rowan Winter and Tom Davey from the fight team, supporting artists Claire Finn (also a writer on season two), Greg Satterford and Ross d’Souza, plus newcomer Dawson James. Armed with foam swords, flyers and a Ren banner, the platoon were hard to miss as they patrolled the halls of the convention.

Ren fans will know that Season One ends with the titular character fleeing her home village to escape the Marked-hating Kah’Nath. In keeping with the theme of Season Two, in which Ren is a fugitive, the soldiers at Comic Con handed out “WANTED” posters to members of the public, urging them to report any sightings of “the dangerous Marked One”.

But the platoon found time to enjoy the lighter side of Comic Con too. The Kah’Nath were photographed with many amazing cosplayers including several from the Star Wars universe, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and even the Catbus from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro.

All this attracted plenty of attention, including that of Comic Con News, who interviewed showrunner Kate Madison for their YouTube channel.

We’re sure the valiant efforts of the glorious Kah’Nath have introduced many new people to the world of Ren.  Thanks to all of the actors and everyone else who helped with the prep, and to everyone who took pictures and engaged with us about the series.

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