The Team

Ren is created by an award-winning production team with a demonstrated ability to deliver high production values and audience appeal on a contained budget.


Kate Madison

Creator – Producer/Director/Writer

As an actor and filmmaker, Kate has been pursuing the dream of creating fantasy films for the past ten years.  Her previous feature Born of Hope, a Lord of the Rings prequel, won Best Micro Budget Feature at the London Independent Film Festival 2010, was awarded a 4 star review in The Times and has since been seen over 30 million times online.


Christopher Dane


Christopher is an award-winning actor and screenwriter with seven feature scripts and several shorts to his name. He crosses easily between genres and has so far written features ranging from high concept action sci-fi and historical fantasy to quirky off-beat comedies. He played Arathorn in Kate’s previous feature Born of Hope as well as contributing to the script, and shares her passion for the fantasy genre. He won the Best Actor Award at the London Independent Film Festival 2011 for his work in the film Being Sold.


Neil Oseman

Director of Photography

Dubbed “The Spielberg of Hereford” by The Guardian, Neil has six features to his name plus numerous shorts. As a director he has made two features, a 35mm pilot starring Benedict Cumberbatch and most recently the short fantasy drama Stop/Eject, an official selection at the 2014 Raindance Festival, London.  Second only to his love of filmmaking is his passion for sharing his skills, which he does through his popular blog and video tutorials as well as through workshops.

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Michelle Golder

Co Producer

Michelle is an independent creative arts consultant, writer and director.  She has produced or co-produced nine short films as well as the latest feature by Sundance Award Winner Gary Walkow (premiered at Slamdance 2015), a 10 part radio series and numerous theatrical plays and programmes.  She was a founding member of Cambridge script reading forum WRiTEON and is a member of the board for both the Cambridge Literary Festival and Classworks Theatre.  She is also a member of the musical improvisation performance group, Paper Planes.


Ronin Traynor

Fight Director

Ronin has directed fights for over 200 productions in the UK and overseas, including film, TV, musicals, opera, motion capture and theatre. Credits include SEGA’s award-winning Total War series (Empire, Napoleon, Shogun II, Rome II, Attila); Killzone Mercenary (Playstation); award-winning web series The Syndicate and Chronicles of Syntax; Blue Peter (TV); and feature films Allies, Candle to Water, Gangs of Tooting Broadway, Olive Green, and The Powder Room. He was also Sword Master for soon to be released webseries The First Musketeer. Ronin is the director of Independent Drama, which runs stage combat workshops and provides fight teams and action co-ordination across the industry. @ronintraynor @IDFight


Miriam Spring Davies

Costume Designer / Supervisor

While studying at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts) Miriam’s experience ranged from Costume Design for New Writing and Experimental Theatre to Styling Couture Fashion shoots. She has been privileged to work alongside prestigious designers at the Royal Opera House, with work experience in First Stage costume supervision and has assisted an up and coming Costume Designer in a youth production of Alice In Wonderland. She prides herself on attention to detail and depth of research. She thrives on maintaining historical accuracy and contemporary relevance, which inspires her to push boundaries to create designs with an intricate edge.

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Hans Goosen

Designer/Prop Maker

Hans is a fan of fantasy and has an interest in history and just about everything else. Although an engineer and scientist by trade, a lifetime of building models and 25 years of reenactment has resulted in a wide range of skills in the fields of modeling, painting, costuming and crafts. He is also an experienced fighter, archer and rider and has been accused of living in the wrong age.


James Ewing


James has a wealth of experience in a large range of crafts working with wood, leather, resins and many other materials. During his B.A, (hons) in Design Crafts he learned about the design process, working on personalized jewellery items, foams, ceramics, wood, leather and the processes of blacksmithing. James draws inspiration from the worlds of fantasy and the romantic view we have of the warrior classes from civilizations past. The chivalry and self sacrifice of the Knight in shining armour.


Marita Tathariel


Marita lives in Norway and has been described as A Faerie Who Makes Monsters which is pretty accurate.  She has a natural talent, with no formal training except an online course with Stan Winston School of Character Arts.  She’s a special effects artist, sculptor, make-up artist, armourer, actress and model, to name but a few.  She’s a wonderful addition to the team.


Dunja Zwanecki

PR Manager Europe

Dunja is an experienced PR officer with a PhD in economics, but she has also spent about 20 years  working as staff at medieval jousting stunt shows, TV productions and as a scriptor for German TV series. She admires Tolkien and his works and is a fan of the fantasy genre in general. Contact:


Harriet Sams

Associate Casting Director