We are currently looking to fill a number of crew positions for Ren.


If you think that this project is something you would be interested in, and you would like to apply for any of the roles below, please send us your details (Name, contact details, location, whether you have transport, experience, skills and why you would like the position) via the contact form, with the job you’re applying for in the subject line.



Someone to take over the main job of editing season one.



Someone to head up the Behind the Scenes team. Organising filming of meetings, costume making, location scouts etc. Managing the various camera teams. Supervising the editing of update videos and making of documentary. Organising the on set filming and uploading for Kickstarter Backers.



An enthusiastic experienced person to design and build a professional movie style looking website for Ren Season One. We want something that will inspire and engage people. A site that draws people in. The site will want an online merchandise shop, an interactive forum, some private member only areas and pay walls.



Including maintaining and updating social media sites. Engaging with our audience. Organising promotional materials. This role may include the possibility of attending various conventions and events (worldwide) to help promote the show.



Ren is a high quality fantasy series being produced for the internet but with the potential for expansion.

Although we do have a small budget for season one, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, to make the show a long running success, we need to invest as much of the budget as possible on screen. We’d like to find people willing to dedicate some time and skills to a project they can become passionate about.

We have the challenge of maintaining high production value and quality within the constraints of a low budget but have proved worthy of this challenge in the past. The quality of our previous productions like Born of Hope attracted many people from around the world to join the teams and even gained the support of the guys at Weta Workshop in New Zealand.

By being a part of this production you will have your work seen by a large audience (my last film Born of Hope has amassed over 30 million views online) and gain the attention of a huge fantasy fan base with the opportunity of traveling to international conventions to promote the production. You will be working with a fantastic team of people, building contacts and friendships along the way.