More auditions

This evening we held recalls for some of the actors who have been trying out of the lead roles of Ren and Hunter.  This time we gave them only really a day (we’re so cruel) to learn two brand new scenes we’d quickly written especially for the audition.  This time we paired them up so that we could see how they worked together and if there was any chemistry between them.

These are long running characters so we need to look at who they are in season 1 but also how they might grow and evolve as we go into season 2, 3, 4 etc.

It’s so great seeing these characters brought to life.  The interesting thing is that everyone’s so great and brings something different to the character, which means that making a decision on who gets the role is not really about who’s the better actor but which interpretation of the character is the best for the show.

Not an easy choice…

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