Mythica Entertainment Roles

Mythica is an independent entertainment company based in Cambridge UK with the aim to provide a space for creative people to come together, learn, grow and produce their work for the enjoyment of others.  We produce independent online television for our Twitch and Youtube Channels, as well as developing key larger scale productions.  We specialise in high quality fantasy productions like our flagpole series Ren: The Girl with the Mark.

We are currently looking for new people to join the team to help with various jobs including the following.  At first the roles are just freelance temp roles, an hour or so a week, but as the company grows the roles may as well.

Business – contracts, releases, licenses
Communications – newsletters, emails
Publicity – social media accounts, Press releases, Conventions, events, festivals, websites (Mythica and Ren)
Merchandise – monitoring sales, completing orders, developing new products
Finance – book keeping, yearly accounts, communicating with companies house and HMRC, finding sponsors and investors
Crowdfunding – campaign management, reward fulfillment
Creative – writers, producers, directors, composers, musicians, artists, graphic artists, titles