New Meetings

It’s been over two weeks since the amazing last day of the Ren campaign and they’ve flown by!   The Kickstarter money has transferred into the bank account and things have been moving along nicely here.  We’ve had a lot of people getting in touch interested in getting involved and we’re going to be adding some new crew members to the team very soon.

There are still a large number of our last day backers who have not had their special shout out on Twitter but I will continue to send out these twitter thank yous until they are all done.

Last week Chris and I got the opportunity to meet up with one of our Kickstarter backers who had come over to the UK from the States for work. Ray Stephenson was the 10th person to back the project during our live launch broadcast!  As Chris and I were close by we managed to meet up with Ray in a lovely pub garden for a drink and a chat.



It was great to meet up with one of our backers and a shame we’re not able to do it with everyone.  However, if you’re in the UK and do want to meet us then this weekend, 7 & 8th September we’ll be at Debden House in Epping Forest for a bit of a Gathering.  The event is a Born of Hope and Hunt for Gollum reunion with friends and fans and, well anyone really.  Check out the facebook event page for more details.


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