New Update, New Start, New Studio!

A heck of a lot has happened since my last update and things are really kicking up a gear here at Ren HQ.

Firstly, talking of Ren HQ, we actually have one! Yep, no longer do I have to do everything at the desk in the corner of my bedroom because we have a brand new base, affectionately nicknamed ‘Ren Studios’ 🙂

We have use of an empty industrial depot in the small village of Caxton, Cambridgeshire for the next four months or so and are in the process of setting up our production office, wardrobe, makeup and art dept etc over there.

Having this amazing, and large, space has meant some changes to our plan for the shoot. As you saw from my last video update I had been scouting various potential locations for Ren’s village where much of the action in season one takes place, including some large crowd days. Cosmeston near Cardiff and Weald and Downland in Sussex are both wonderful places but they had their downsides. Both locations are a number of hours away from London, where a lot of our cast and crew are based, so we would therefore have to accommodate everyone close to location. Both locations would need quite a bit of work including erecting market stalls, covering the floor with straw etc, bringing in a lot of set dressing props like barrels, carts etc. Add to this daily location fees and it all starts to add up. Calculations were showing that just one week at either of these locations would have sucked up about half of our limited budget. All it needed was an actor to get a paid job or the UK weather to turn on us and we’d be up the creek so to speak. 🙂

So we have a new plan and a new challenge. We’re building the village!

Yep, now we have this wonderful studio space we are able to build the village market location ourselves. It’s gonna be an exciting challenge but it will give us a much greater amount of freedom, flexibility and time that we desperately need when working with such a tight budget.  We might still film some things on location but our large crowd market days will be on our set.

We will be uploading photos and videos here and on facebook page as we go along so do keep an eye on them.

Exciting times people!

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