Have you checked out the Ren Daily Diaries which went on sale the other week? If not, now’s the time to do it. To celebrate Ren‘s participation in London ComicCon this weekend, until Sunday night every purchase of the Ren Daily Diaries will come with three free rental copies to give to your friends.


The Daily Diaries are your chance to go beyond the glimpses in the YouTube ‘making of’ videos and witness the creation of Ren: Season One from the first day of shooting to the last. For a few days only, you can introduce three lucky friends to the world of Ren by gifting them free rentals when you buy.

For $35 (about £23 or 31 Euros) you’ll get access to our series of 36 daily behind-the-scenes videos following the making of the web’s most ambitious and exciting new series. To purchase, just click the buy button in the trailer above.

Please note: Since many of the videos contain spoilers, you’ll receive the first 7 when you buy, with access to the remaining 29 videos being unlocked the day after Ren: Season One is released. Free rental copies will expire after three days.

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