Ren is a complex and ambitious production, and as such posed lots of challenges for the cast and crew. Many of those difficulties were overcome by the dedicated and resourceful team, but others simply had to be lived with. And one of those was the weather. Today’s behind-the-scenes video takes a little look at some of the occasions when rain stopped play on the set of Ren.

Undoubtedly the wettest day was when the team shot the season’s opening scene in Epping Forest. Since the scene didn’t directly follow on from or to any other scene, continuity was not an issue, and the decision was taken to shoot despite the persistent heavy rain. It may have been unpleasant for all concerned, but the resulting footage looks fantastic, and will make a very dramatic opening to the series. We’ll leave you with a few photos from that memorable night.


Gaffer Richard Roberts, extra Steve Bywater and camera assistant Sam Allen get the Kah’nath torches going


The crew shelter the cast while waiting for ‘action’ on the big chase shot


Filming dialogue beside a fallen tree trunk

A frame from the scene

A frame from the scene


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