Do you like what you see in the trailer and on the website, but missed the Kickstarter? Still want to get involved?

Film making is expensive. Especially fantasy film making – where a whole world has to be created from scratch. We successfully raised £36,184 through our Kickstarter Campaign, which was used to make the first season, but to continue with the next season and achieve the quality we are aiming at, we still need your support. So get involved and click on the links below to explore ways of supporting this project.

Make a donation

Every penny counts and will help to make the show even better!

Ren on Tour Fundrasing Campaign

The team behind Ren are taking the show on the road, to festivals, events and screenings and are running an Indiegogo campaign to help cover some of the costs. PLEASE HELP AND SHARE.


Buy Ren Collectables

Want something now? Visit the shop where you can purchase Ren Daily Diary video’s or Ren merchandise like mugs, prop coins or a t-shirt that we can send you straight away!

Promote Ren

Help us to spread the word on Ren. Like us on Facebook, mention Ren on twitter, follow us on Instagram and other social networks, or link to this webpage, our trailer or the Mythica Entertainment channel on YouTube.


Interested in sponsoring our show?  Please get in touch.

Creative partnership

We had a number of companies who joined us as a Creative Partner by providing a service, supplying materials, or donating food during season one of Ren.  Check them out here.