It’s all go here at the Ren Studio, as the clock ticks down to our first day of shooting on the 15th of September. But we had to take a minute out to say thank you to some of the people who have given us gifts and loans. This is just a sample – will post more when we get a chance! And for those who are thinking of sending us prezzies, we still need basics like food and drink for the shoot (chocolate makes crew happy), and cleaning products, toilet paper, and so forth to keep the studio clean. Not to mention there are still houses left to sponsor!

hans gifts Hans Goosen, one of our incredibly talented volunteer artists and makers, gifted us with this selection of authentic pottery, baskets, and fabric, left. And that’s not all – he also sponsored one of our houses. Thanks Hans!
nicole withpurple dress This hand-embroidered purple shift has been loaned to us by another of our amazing volunteers, Nicole Kipar, who also gifted us an entire rack full of other stunning costumes. Thanks Nicole!
plum money Volunteer thatchers extraordinaire Allison Reid and son Matt donated 27 pounds they raised from selling plums. Thanks Guys!
pretty house And Brian Gyrion of Chicago sponsored our very first house, Homewood, right. Doesn’t it look amazing? Thanks Brian!
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