The first auditions

Today was the first full day of auditions for the roles of Ren and Hunter, the two lead characters in Ren.  In all we saw 22 actors over 8 hours.  Most of the actors had already sent in video auditions so it was nice to finally meet them face to face.  There were a few surprise ‘wild cards’ who Harriet or I had discovered and brought along without having done a self tape.  They all did a great job acting out 3 or 4 different scenes, many of which we’d written just for the auditions to try to show a range that might be covered over multiple seasons.  As well as Harriet who ran to show, we also had Adam Gary who kindly manned the door for us, Christopher Dane who read opposite the Rens as Hunter and opposite the Hunters (while on his knees) as Ren’s 10 year old brother Baynon.  We also had Jade Asha and Jessica Hawkins who read opposite our Hunters.  It’s so nice to have proper actors to read in opposite the auditionees, you can get a scene up on its feet and really see how the actors interact with each other.  From here we have to start to whittle down the list and bring some people back for recalls.

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