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Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown) is an outlaw, a chancer, a rogue, constantly thinking on his feet.  Making his own rules as he goes, more often than not you can find him on the wrong side of the law.

His costume grew from the simple premise that Hunter would take the shirt off your back – after all, you’ve got to look after number one, right? 

The vambraces Hunter wears, once upon a time, belonged to other people. They’re odd, and Hunter is left-handed, so he wears the larger of the two on his right, and that really is all the armour he needs. He has always relied on himself. He trusts that his trickery and agility can get him out of any trouble. He may have slain many an armoured enemy in his time, but any extra weight would slow him down.

He doesn’t carry heavy weaponry – a sword would be too cumbersome, so he carries a knife on his chest and is always ready to draw. We do, however, see him pick up many a Kah’Nath sword in Ren, in fact, a sword, a bucket, a broom, anything he can lay his hands on. This includes his new knife which we see him acquire after he escapes from prison. And what he can grab, he uses well.

The baldric itself along with the belt, were a culmination of ideas from Duran, Dave Clarke at ARMRD leather, director Kate Madison and myself. During the first costume fitting, Duran played around with how he felt Hunter would react when threatened, which led to the rather unusual upside-down sheath. But it made sense to Hunter. Whatever he laid his hands on, he made his own, so he could never be caught off guard.

Even his waistcoat and shirt both began life upon someone else’s back, but they’ve seen many a scuffle since Hunter poached them. You can see the top buckle has been knocked off the waistcoat. Hunter has replaced it with a leather tie and makeshift button, a button that holds a special place for Hunter. You may notice Lyanna shares similar trinkets on her necklace. They’re horses’ teeth, from an old friend. It shows their connection not only to the things they have loved and lost along their way, but to each other.

Hunter’s worldly possessions are the clothes on his back and the breath in his lungs. He carries a pouch on his belt for any treasure he may come across. When we meet him, his trinkets include a coin, more teeth, an arrowhead and some spare buttons for his trousers. Duran had to undertake some rather acrobatic stunts for his character, so we had to be prepared for all eventualities!

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