WANTED: Fight director and fight team members

If you’re a qualified and experienced UK based fight director or fighter interested in joining the team please check out the posts below (also on the recruitment page) and get in touch.  If you have any specific skills or experience that you could bring to the show, like horse riding, high falls, wire work etc please let us know.


We’re looking for an experienced and enthusiastic person to collaborate with us to arrange our fights and manage the fight team, arrange training and rehearsals for the fight and stunt elements of season one.  You’ll be expected to help develop each character’s fighting style and work with the actors to improve their skills.  There are at least three main fight/chase sequences in the show at the moment and we want to make them as exciting and dramatic as possible while keeping them safe for all involved.


We need qualified and experienced people with fight or stunt training who are willing to join our fight team.  We are mostly looking for males for season one but may require some females for fight/stunt doubles or villagers caught up in fights or chases.   Our fight team will prodominantly be playing Kah’Nath soliders.

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