Ren: Ep 101

  • 11.08 Mins
It’s an ordinary, peaceful market day in Lyngarth when 17-year-old Ren bumps into a troop of soldiers searching for a pair of mysterious fugitives.

Ren: Ep 102

  • 9.59 Mins
After an argument with her father, Ren runs off to the forest where she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous situation.

Ren: Ep 103

  • 10.42 Mins
Hunter follows Ren to her village as the spirit starts to take hold but before he can persuade her to leave with him her father Dagron returns.

Ren: Ep 104

  • 9.02 Mins
Ren finds herself helpless in the hands of the Kah’Nath while her brother Baynon struggles to find a way to help her by teaming up with an unlikely companion.

Ren: Ep 105

  • 11.33 Mins
When all seems lost Baynon stands up for Ren, spreading doubt amongst the hostile crowd about how ‘evil’ this new Marked One is, but will it be enough to save her or will Baynon find himself in danger too?

Ren: Trailer

  • 1.01 Mins
After a strange encounter in the woods, Ren is marked by an ancient spirit leaving her feared by all and hunted by the Kah’Nath.

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