Ren is an original fantasy series about a young woman who, after a strange encounter in the woods, is marked by an ancient spirit. Cast out from her small village, she is forced to leave behind the family she has spent her whole life protecting and journey across the land to find the real meaning behind the mark she bears.
Ren is a new original independent fantasy series from producer and director Kate Madison, the creator of the hugely successful Lord of the Rings prequel Born of Hope which has had more than 35 million online views, and the award winning actor and writer Christopher Dane. The aim for Ren is to build a successful new fantasy franchise for an international audience. Kate has both the faithful fan base and the proven track record to make that happen.

The team behind Ren ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013 with fans contributing more than £35,000 towards the first season.  Season One premiered on 1st March 2016 and is available to watch here on the website as well as the Mythica Entertainment youtube channel.  Ren tells a serious story with amazing fights, epic scenery, a strong female lead, a splash of humour and fantastic characters we can all fall in love with.