Sophie Skelton

RENRen is a young woman from the small, rural village of Lyngarth. Losing her mother when she was only around 9 years old, she has had to care for her little brother and her father from an early age. Outspoken and strong willed she finds it difficult to conform to the expectations of her father and the villagers and often escapes to the woods surrounding Lyngarth.  There, against her father’s wishes, she can visit her friend and kindred spirit Karn.  Karn knew her mother and in him she has found a father figure and guide, learning skills to provide food and income for her struggling family.


Nick Cornwall

DAGRONAs the single father of Ren and Baynon, and suffering from an old leg injury, Dagron is trying to raise his children and provide for them as a woodcarver and toy maker. Still finding it difficult to come to terms with the loss of his wife and struggling to make ends meet, he is frustrated at his inability to offer his children a better life. When the Kah’Nath come to the village it rekindles an old fear.


James Malpas

BAYNONRen’s mischievous little brother considers the village his personal playground and often gets in trouble. His sister is often on the receiving end of his mischief, but he looks up to her as she was always there for him when growing up. So when she needs him, he does not hesitate and uses his resourcefulness and daring to help her as best as he can.


Christopher Dane

KARNKarn lives in the forest outside the village and is shunned by most villagers. Ren however, has befriended him and regularly visits his hut to rummage through the many strange and wonderful items that fill his home. Karn has become a mentor to Ren and has taught her many things deemed inappropriate for a girl, or even forbidden by the Kah’Nath laws. Why he has settled outside the village after a life of travel is unclear, but that is just one of the many mysteries that surround this man.


Grace Parry

DALIADalia is Ren’s best friend and they often do their chores together. Less high-spirited than Ren she sometimes finds it hard to keep up.  Quite timid and shy, Dalia worries about her friend’s association with the ‘dangerous man who lives in the forest’ and sometimes disagrees with her unladylike behaviour. However, she is a loyal friend and when trouble finds Ren, Dalia finds her voice and stands by her despite the danger.


Alan Hay

TORBERRYA local farmer, Torberry has known Dagron for many years and as a friend of the family he tries to help when he can. As the annual trades market brings merchants from distant lands to Lyngarth, Torberry takes the opportunity to sell his produce and maybe take advantage of the large variety of goods on sale. When trouble befalls his friends he stands by them once again.


Duran Fulton Brown

HUNTERA rogue and sword for hire, Hunter makes his living by his wit and fighting skills. His latest enterprise however, is not going as planned. Fleeing through the forest with his companion, trouble catches up with them close to the village of Lyngarth. When things go seriously wrong and Ren gets caught up in it he is unsure what to do next. Spurred on by Baynon and the unfolding events, he finds himself faced with unfamiliar choices.


Dita Tantang

LYANNALyanna is a child of the wild, having lived an outcast nomadic life.  She is one of Hunter’s partners in crime, an experienced fighter and often the brains behind any plan. While trying to get away from her pursuers, she encounters Ren in the forest and her plans are seriously disrupted. It seems that there is more to this latest undertaking than she shared with Hunter.

The Kah’Nath Commander

Richard Zeman

COMMANDERThe commander of a regiment of Kah’Nath soldiers and a brutal fighter, the pursuit of two thieves brings him back to the rural village of Lyngarth, a place he has not visited in many years. Trying to bring the brigands to justice he is faced with the legendary evil of a Marked one that must be stopped.

The Master


MASTERAs one of the leaders of the order of the Kah’Nath, the Master is the Eye of Justice and the Mouth of Truth.  Accompanying the Commander and his soldiers in the pursuit of a stolen artifact, the Master must bring order and peace back to the area when an evil Marked one is discovered for the first time in decades and only the Master can deal with the threat.